Conservatives Big Mad at George Lopez Joke, Apparently Want PC Comedy

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In a stunning turn of events, conservatives on the internet seem to be making a plea for comedy to become softer? Dare I say, perhaps more politically correct?


NBC News reports that on an Instagram post falsely claiming Iran put a bounty for $80 million on Trump’s head, George Lopez left a comment saying “We’ll do it for half.” This was enough to turn the self-proclaimed (keyboard) warriors of free speech into this dude.

Charlie Kirk, a man who looks like he’d say “I don’t have a racist bone in my body,” after a tape of him saying the n-word with the hard-r emerged, had this to say.

Yes, a charge for throwing hands in a Hooters is definitely the equivalent of plotting to kill one of the most protected people in the world. If he’s willing to grab a belligerent asshole’s phone for harassing him, who knows what else he is capable of?

Next up we have comedian (?) Terrence K. Williams and his gravely serious call to action to have Lopez reported to the Secret Service, the FBI, the CIA, and goddammit even the KFC if you have to!


I can’t even front y’all, this shit had me weak. Is his persona the joke? Is this some Andy Kaufman-esque shit where dude is playing the role of Black Trump Supporter? There are straight-up no jokes on this dude’s timeline just pro-Trump speeches. Also, side-note, why does every black Trump supporter feel the need to wear the hat constantly? Like we get it, you’re not like other black people. Chill.

Lastly, Anna Paulina Luna, a Republican who apparently is running for Congress in Florida, had this to say.


To answer her question, yes. I do think it would’ve been okay because for eight whole years the right-wing internet did just that. Through the memes, the racist comics, the entire existence of Ted Nugent, the right-wing has been making wild ass “jokes.” I mean, they let Milo be a thing. Let’s not forget the fact that they’re the ones talking about how people are too sensitive these days and how you can’t joke about anything.


The first people to call you a snowflake are the first ones to be offended anytime you insult their beloved Cheeto puff. They should really learn to take a joke and not be so offended all the time.

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Poor little Nazi snowflakes can’t take a joke from a real live comedian. Muh freeze peach. Pants shitting draft dodger Ted Nugent wanted to hang Obama. Ted’s a joke but he is no comedian.

I would fight Charlie Kirk for a beer and wouldn’t spill a drop. Just joking! See how that works?