Conservative Congressional Candidate Forgets to Close Porn Tabs While Posting Screenshot in Facebook Blast

WUSA9 Screenshot
WUSA9 Screenshot

A congressional candidate vying for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District seat is suddenly the center of attention after sharing a screenshot of a photo that clearly shows porn tabs that had been left open, WUSA9 reports.


Mike Webb, who is running as an independent, posted a series of screenshots about his search for a temporary job in Alexandria, Va., on Monday morning. However, in addition to his job postings, other Facebook users quickly zoomed in on the fact that the screenshot showed two porn websites open in tabs, WUSA9 reports. 

“What’s more embarrassing?” one Facebook user wrote on Webb’s page. “The porn tabs or the fact that you are using Yahoo as a search engine?”

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Several hours after the posts started to go viral, Webb responded—seemingly unbothered—saying that the issue with the tabs stemmed from viruses on his computer.

“What happened is actually kind of interesting. I initially got hit with a cyberattack on my FEC data file and there was a lot of, I guess, speculation in terms of where we got it,” Webb said. “We took it to Best Buy and we found out we had 400 viruses on the computer.”

Webb added that Best Buy technicians told him the viruses likely came from porn sites, which he insists he doesn’t visit, adding that the porn sites seen were open to test the theory. 


“I was trying to see what was the probability that someone running for office is going to run into that particular, that particular scenario,” Webb said. “It just doesn’t happen.”

Webb said that he knew the tabs were open but has no plans to take the shots down or remove the post. 


“It was so small, it was like, anybody who is really looking that close is just out to get you anyway. But I was like, ‘I’ve got nothing to hide,’” he told WUSA9.

Interestingly enough, the little-known candidate also saw his following increase by 25 percent on Facebook, with the page being visited by some 200,000 people Monday. 


“Perhaps what does not kill you does make you stronger,” he said.

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