Tea Party rally (Getty Images)

Wayne Bennett, in his Field Negro blog, argues that congressional redistricting in some states is a throwback to the Reconstruction era because blacks could lose Electoral College votes.

Do you Negroes remember what happened to you after Reconstruction in these divided states of A-merry-ca? If you don't, let me remind you: Those white folks in states like Louisiana, South Carolina and Mississippi were so terrified that you made up the majority of the population and had the right to vote after the 15th Amendment of the Constitution was ratified, that they unleashed the type of terror on you never seen before in this country. (This is right around the time that the klan was formed.) Paramilitary groups, lynchings, beatings, voter intimidation; anything to keep you Negroes away from the voting booths and out of power. Yes sir, as soon as old Rutherford Hayes removed those federal troops from the South you Negroes caught hell.


It's sad, because we missed a golden opportunity in our country's history. The rate of black illiteracy declined by almost 60% during this time. Blacks were being elected to public offices in record numbers, (BTW, contrary to popular beliefs; not all the blacks elected to office during that time was corrupt) and blacks were becoming "economically self sufficient" and more educated. …

So fast forward to Reconstruction Redux. (My name for what we are currently experiencing in A-merry-ca.) A black man elected president. Hope and change in the air. Negroes and progressives feeling downright giddy about A-merry-ca's future, and … well, just like with the old reconstruction; there is a push back.

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