Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

Fresh from our "Are you kidding me?" file, the House passed a bill on Thursday that would prevent television advertisers from abruptly raising the volume to grab viewers' attention. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D-Calif.), who was aggravated by her "earsplitting experiences" when watching television with her older parents, which was already set at a high volume. The Washington Post reports that Eshoo stated, "We can protect people from needlessly loud noise spikes that can actually harm their hearing." Really? With all of the pertinent issues facing Americans, this is what she comes up with? Talk about a waste of time and taxpayers' money! Unemployed folks may not have jobless benefits, but Eshoo is worried about the volume on her television? Record deficit, unemployment, homelessness, ailing people and this is what we spend "lame duck" time on in Congress. Funny, no one in Congress was talking about this when political ads literally took over television advertising during the last election cycle. Now it's a problem because you don't want to hear about Snuggies. Priorities people, priorities. 

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