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Danroy Henry, a 20-year-old junior on Pace University's football team, was shot and killed by police Sunday outside of a Thornwood, N.Y., restaurant. Conflicting accounts from police and witnesses, including Henry's friend Brandon Cox, who was in the car with Henry when he was shot, have deepened the controversy surrounding the young man's death. Police say that Henry's car was parked in a fire lane, and when an officer rapped on the window, the student sped away, hitting another officer and causing police to open fire. Cox's stepfather disputes that account, saying that when the officer knocked on the window, Henry started to drive away because he thought they were being told to move out of the fire lane. The shooting was the first time cops from the Westchester County town had fired at anyone in 22 years. Based on the conflicting witness accounts, the media attention and the racial implications of Henry's death, it's not a story that will go away soon enough for the small-town police officers involved.

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