Como La Beyoncé? Let’s Talk About That Scene From Selena: The Series, Shall We?

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Beyoncé?! (Now y’all know I couldn’t pass that up.)

Part two of Selena: The Series, which follows the life and tragic end of Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla, recently dropped on Netflix, and boy, oh boy does it have fans talking—just not in the way you would expect. I’ll explain.


You see, in episode six, fans found themselves in awe at a scene that shows a young Queen Bey with sister Solange and Mama Tina running into Selena at the Galleria Mall in Houston. Aesthetics and dialogue aside, many were left wondering immediately after whether or not the exchange actually happened IRL (that’s in real life) or whether it was just made-for-TV since the two icons both hail from Texas.

Well, as PopSugar reports—that moment at the mall did happen! In fact, we know it happened because Beyoncé herself spoke about meeting Selena to MTV Tr3s back in the day.

“I didn’t say much to Selena because I wasn’t a celebrity and I just saw her and said ‘hello’ and kept it moving. Definitely, growing up in Texas, I heard her on the radio,” Bey said. “I think listening to her album, even though I didn’t know exactly what she was saying, it helped me in the studio with my pronunciation.

She added, “I think she is a legend and I admire her. And she was so talented. So I’m very happy that [I met her] even though she didn’t know who I was. I’m still excited that I got that opportunity.”

Well Bidi Bidi my Bom Bom and put me in “Formation”—turns out the world may be small, after all. Now, if only we could find out whether or not Lil’ Bey actually told her mother to shut up and what happened after—because between you and me, I just don’t see that going too well.


Somebody get Miss Tina on the phone; we’ve got some things to discuss.