Jay Mohr Goes in on FLOTUS; Buzz Sees a 'Missing Person' Headline in his Future

Comedian Jay Mohr of 'being that guy whose name you don't remember but who you totally recognize' fame decided to give Madame Obama an ethering on the Jim Rome radio show, noting, among other things, FLOTUS' stature and eyebrow game. Now, outside of calling her "a big dude"—which isn't very nice—The Buzz found this mildly hysterical and stays firm in the belief that The Family Obama can get got like everyone else. 


Black French President Likely When France Likes Blacks, Pigs Fly

Bless up to Claire Edey, a political hopeful of mixed heritage running for a seat on the notoriously monochromatic French parliament. Don't let November 4th fool you: It's still cold on the streets of political representation and for many ethnic French, "yes you can; no we can't" is a harsh reality. In response to this, some French have angrily noted, "But our soccer team is Black! No; they haven't been granted citizenship, but still!"

Rep. Maxine Waters Knows a Way Out of the Quagmire

Having not been down with either of our two wars from the word 'go', Rep. Maxine Waters has outlined a plan detailing a way to bring our troops home for a ten minute break before we decide to solve someone else's problems {unless, of course, that problem involves China. Then, we don't know nothin' about that.}


Video ~ Kimchi and Hot Sauce: Korean Gospel Choir THROWS DOWN

Peep this video. If you can't recognize game, feel free to ask of yourself, "Why am I such a hater?"

Steele Forecasts GOP Comeback; Buzz Recommends Grabbing an Umbrella

Michael Steele is opening his mouth again. In an address to the RNC in which he declared Obama's first 100 days a "reign of error," the chairman recommends making more deliberate attacks on President Obama rather than focus on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid since. According to Nietzche, slinging mud always attracts more people to your cause than having a plan of some kind. Always.


Holy Toledo! Cops Caught on Tape Tuning Up 14-Year Old Boy

…This video does not show the run up to the incident, so conclusions can't really be jumped to too quickly. Still, when you see a 14-year old Black boy beaten about the face and nearly choked out by two Black patrolmen, it gives a good degree of cause to pause. And they wonder why we are afraid of them. 

Man Arrested in Murder of Konvict Records Artist Dolla

Aubrey Louis Berry was arrested yesterday in connection with the murder of Roderick Anthony Burton aka Dolla which took place outside the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Burton was shot in the head while waiting outside the shopping center. The cause of the shooting is unknown though it may be connected to an altercation Burton had on flight from Atlanta to LA earlier Monday. Whatever the reason, we're sure it was completely frivolous and worth it in no way. *Sigh*


Rights Group Accuses DRC Army of War Crimes; DRC: 'No Suh!'

New York-based rights group Human Rights Watch has accused the Congolese army of committing rapes and other abuses amounting to war crimes while conducting operations against the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda. The DRC rejects the group's claim as ridiculous since army's never prey on the civilians they've sworn to protect. Ever.

Lil' Wayne and Actress Lauren London Expecting in September; Dropping Mixtape in July


Lil' Wayne and Lauren London—ATL, This Christmas, Other Such Black Cinema—are having a child together. Apparently, they weren't too thrilled about it initially, but figured they were financially secure enough and, perhaps, the child could get Wayne to put down the styrofoam cup. Feel free to conjecture as to which part of the previous sentence is a complete and utter falsehood.

Iran 'Test Launches' Medium-Range Missile; Israel Test Shines Shoe

Iran decided to flex its muscles and launch a Sajjil-2 mid-range surface to surface missile. President Ahmadinejad seemed pleased, telling a crowd at the launch site that it "landed exactly" on the unspecified target site. Remember that knife scene in Crocodile Dundee? Israel does.


Vick to Put Family First; Favre: "That's the Second Worst Mistake You've Ever Made"

Upon his release from federal custody July 20th, Michael Vick isn't headed for a practice field or to NFL Commish Roger Goodell's office. According to Vick's agent, he's going home to put the pieces of his family life back together with football not being the most immediate of concerns.