Colo. Woman Is Being Terrorized by Racist Notes Slipped Under Her Door, but Apartment Complex Refuses to Let Her Break Lease

Allison Butler (Denver Channel screenshot)
Allison Butler (Denver Channel screenshot)

A dumb lease is more important than helping a woman who is being terrorized by some asshole slipping racist notes under her door and knocking on her door and running away. At least that’s what one Colorado resident is apparently going through because her apartment complex is reportedly refusing to allow her to break her lease despite the torment she is facing.


According to the Denver Channel, Allison Butler discovered a note Saturday night at her front door that included the phrase “nigger bitch.” A previous note had also included a message that read, “Niggers don’t belong.”

Butler moved into Timber Lodge Apartments (managed by BLDG Management) in Thornton, Colo., toward the end of April. But just five days after she moved in, her new home turned into a house of horrors.

She said it started with people pounding on the door. When she would go to answer, no one would be there. Then the notes came.

Butler reported the notes to the Adams County, Colo., Sheriff’s Office but said that the deputy told her that not much could be done because there were no security cameras around. She then reported the knocking to the apartment security company, which said that they confronted those responsible and gave them a verbal warning.

However, Butler wanted out, and so she went to the leasing office in hopes of breaking her lease.

“I asked to be released from my lease, but the manager at the leasing office ... [her] response is that I could buy out of it, which means I could pay two months’ rent to get out of the lease even though I’m being harassed,” she said.


Even more shocking was that she was told that nothing more could be done about the hateful incidents.

“Their response every time is that they cannot control what happens in the hallways,” Butler said.


So in the meantime, Butler has to live in fear.

“I’m going to school to be a therapist. I truly want to do good in the world. So the fact that I could be reduced to a ‘nigger bitch’ does hurt,” she said.


Read more at the Denver Channel.

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How do we know she’s not faking these notes simply because she wants to get out of her lease?