Colin Powell Slams GOP Candidates for ‘Junior High School Tricks’ and ‘Belittling’ the Country

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell in 2014

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has some choice words for the Republican Party, saying, "We have to become more respectful of each other," NPR reports

While speaking on the death of former first lady Nancy Reagan Sunday, Powell expressed his belief that she would be "disturbed" by the way in which her husband's legacy is being used by some people today. 


Powell, who was President Ronald Reagan's national security adviser, spoke of the "civility" and the "lack of any nastiness" that he witnessed in Reagan. He denounced the current climate of the Republican presidential campaign. "To stand there and do junior high school tricks on one another is belittling the country and belittling the office to which they are striving," he said.

"Even Jerry Springer thinks it's gone too far, and when Jerry Springer thinks you've gone too far, my friends, you have gone too far," Powell added, referencing recent comments by the daytime talk show host, who likened the current level of discourse to that of a junior high school presidential debate. 

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