Coach to Student: 'Future Welfare Recipient'

Kansas high school senior Marcus Williams Jr. filed a racial-harassment complaint with the North Kansas School District after coach Derek Howard said that the picture a photography student took of him should have "future welfare recipient" printed below it, reports.

"I just felt belittled, crushed and utterly discouraged," Williams told the news network.


Williams says that this comment represented a pattern on the part of the coach, who, he claims, routinely said negative and demeaning comments either directly to African-American students or about them.

This story says less about who black students will be in the future than it does about who the coach is now: an adult who has the opportunity to encourage and motivate young people and chooses instead to let his own unchecked prejudice drive him to reinforce negative stereotypes. We can think of a few ideas for the caption accompanying his photo. Check out the story from KCTV5 here:

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