CNN Turns 30


CNN turns 30 today and those at the head of the cable news network say they'll continue to do what put them on the map. For Jim Walton, head of CNN worldwide, that is the key to continued success. Below is an excerpt of a Q & A Walton did during a Time Warner Investor Day

Q. Now that CNN is turning 30, what can we expect the company to look like on its 40th anniversary?

A. I would expect more of the same. CNN is a brand recognized around the world. When it was formed, it married two important components: journalism and technology. I expect expansion of that over the next 10 years.

Q. How do you see your role in guiding CNN to those goals?

A. I work with the senior team. We lay out the strategy and how we measure the success. We empower managers and other employees with tools to do great work. I’m part of a great experienced team.

Q. Can you elaborate on some of those strategies?

A. We have some catch phrases we like to use to keep us on track. In the simplest terms, CNN will serve more news to more people in more places across more platforms than any other news organization in the world. Everything breaks down from that and how we accomplish that.

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