The Grieving Dad

Joe Jackson on the red carpet at the BET Awards. The show became a tribute to his late son, Michael Jackson.

The Mournful Hat Tip?

While the world was mourning his son, Joe Jackson was on the red carpet at the BET Awards peddling his new music production company.


Red Carpet, Red Tie

Did Joe Jackson forget that he's 80 and supposed to be in mourning?

The Al Sharpton Press Conference


You know what comes next, right? A march on somebody or something. Joe said he is concerned about what happened in the final moments of his son's life. 

Crying Inside


Joe Jackson explained to reporters that he is not one of those people who cries on the outside. "I'm crying inside," he said.

Two Thumbs Up. Really?


Joe Jackson acknowledges the fans who came to mourn his son, Michael Jackson, but how about a little reverence for the Gloved One?