‘Clueless’ Actress Catches Case on Charges She Battered Hubby

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Actress—and one of Donald Trump’s faves—Stacey Dash of Clueless fame was arrested after police say she pushed and slapped her husband in a domestic violence dispute.


According to NBC News, Pasco County Sheriff’s officers in Land O’ Lakes, Fla., outside Tampa, arrested the actress-turned-conservative commentator on Sunday. She was charged with domestic battery.

A manager for the 52-year-old, best known for her role as the ditzy teenager Dionne Davenport in the ’90s movie Clueless, told People that the actress herself called police and that she hit her husband in self-defense.

“Stacey actually called the police because she was attacked by her husband. He choked her and she was defending herself,” Dash’s manager, Sean P. Jackson, told the site. “When the police arrived, they couldn’t see any physical marks on her, but they did see them on him.”

However, a statement from Dash herself to People indicated the whole affair had been “blown out of proportion.”

In her statement, Dash said she and her husband “had a marital dispute in their Tampa, FL suburb” and that police did come to their home Sunday.

But she said her husband, Jeffrey Marty, did not press charges against her.

Dash described her Sunday arrest as a “formality” and that she was released from jail Monday, with no further legal action to be taken, adding:

“The marital dispute, while personal and unfortunate, has since been blown out of proportion. An earlier report on TMZ.com said her manager told TMZ that she was attacked by her husband — both the sources relationship to Ms. Dash and the events of the evening were misrepresented.”


Dash and Marty have been married for just over a year. They wed after reportedly knowing each other for just 10 days.

Marty is an avid Trump supporter who may be best known, according to People, for creating a Twitter account in the name of a fake congressman in order to be the “first” to endorse Trump’s 2016 bid for president.


It’s the fourth marriage for Dash; the second for Marty, People reports.



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