Closing In on Inauguration

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Via CNN, here comes a neat experience to cap off your frenzied week of Barack Obama inauguration overload: the Gigapan! This cool application stitches together a series of 220 digital photographs taken from the north media tower on the Capitol during last Tuesday's inauguration, allowing viewers to zoom in on the crowd—way in.


If you were among the lucky millions to see Obama live, use Gigapan to find yourself, or just see up George W. Bush's nose. Then check out Obama's cabinet up on the platform; from Eric Holder to Hillary Clinton to Janet Napolitano; find advisers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett (daughter Laura is snapping photos just beside her); enjoy the view of a proud and standing Denzel Washington; see Beyonce and Jay-Z, trying valiantly to bring fur hats back. And if you want just one more reason to celebrate Obama's historic victory, look for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, dozing peacefully through the inaugural address of the first black president of the United States!

Okay—maybe Thomas is only blinking. But it kind of takes Bill Clinton off the hook!

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