Thony Belizaire/AFP/Getty Images
Thony Belizaire/AFP/Getty Images

On Saturday, Haitian President Michel Martelly and former U.S. President Bill Clinton marked the third anniversary of Haiti's disastrous earthquake with a quiet ceremony of wreath-laying, according to the Daily News. While urging locals to remember the victims of the natural disaster, Martelly also thanked the international countries who lent support in the aftermath of the quake on Jan. 12, 2010.

Clinton expressed hope about Haiti's future in brief comments to reporters after the ceremony.

"I think that you will see, particularly in the economic sphere, a lot more in the coming year, where Haiti is projected to have the highest growth rate in the Caribbean," he said. "Well, we hope to speed up some of the infrastructure. We have to repair the agriculture and … build a lot more houses. We've got to get those people out of those tents." …

Haiti's previous presidential administration said 316,000 people were killed but no one really knows how many died. The disaster displaced more than a million others.

Most of the rubble created by the quake has since been carted away but more than 350,000 people still live in grim displacement camps.


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