Ciara And Russell Wilson Are Engaged Now And I Have 10 Important Thoughts About What This Means

Olivier Douliery/Getty Images
Olivier Douliery/Getty Images

Earlier today, perpetual Everest College Twitter discussion prompt Ciara revealed that Russell Wilson proposed to her. Considering Ciara's status as a woman who was in a relationship before Russell Wilson and had a child with the person she was in the relationship with, and Russell Wilson's status as a person with (presumably) amazing credit and a (reportedly) amazing relationship with Jesus, I have many very extremely important thoughts about what all of this means. Here's 10.


1. Russell Wilson proposed and Ciara accepted, so they will presumably get married one day.

2. They will likely plan a wedding, and will also likely spend a nice amount of time finding a venue, deciding on a date, constructing a theme, and settling on a guest list.

3. After they get married, Russell Wilson and Ciara will have to file taxes together.

4. Many of the things they eventually decide to do with their engagement, their wedding, and their marriage will probably not be the same things you or me would do with our engagements, weddings, and marriages. This is likely due to the fact that they both are rich and famous. And we (presumably) are not.

5. They will attend a cake tasting. One of them will likely be more enthusiastic than the other. Or not. Maybe they'll be equally enthusiastic about cake. I really have no fucking clue.

6. Ciara will buy a (presumably) nice and (presumably) extremely expensive wedding dress. Just like her ring; which was (presumably) purchased by her fiancee, Russell Wilson.


Which is what people with lots of money tend to do when they get married. Buy expensive shit.

7. When Ciara and Russell Wilson get married, there will be (at least) one less single man and (at least) one less single woman recognized by the United States Census.


8. Russell Wilson will officially be a stepdad to Ciara's son. Because this is what happens when someone marries a person who was in a relationship before and had a child with the person they were in that relationship with. Although this happens literally all of the time, (some) people seem not to realize that this happens literally all of the time.

9. Russell Wilson will spend time with his stepson. Because, again, this is what happens literally all of the time. Husbands who happen to have wives who happen to have children spend time with those children.


10. After they get married, Ciara will be Russell Wilson's wife, and Russell Wilson will be Ciara's husband.

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I'm actually happy for both of them. I was lowkey rooting for them bc I know #celibatelife is ruff. Especially if you have a woman as bad as Ciara.

Russ gives fellow square, safe, nice guys like myself hope that nice guys do finish first. lol