Church Accidentally Prints Lyrics to 2Pac’s ‘Hail Mary’ for Christmas Carol Service

Joy to the World bulletin

OK, this one is pretty funny.

A church in Sri Lanka intended to put the words to a popular Christian prayer in its Christmas carol bulletin but ended up sharing the lyrics to a popular Tupac Shakur song instead.


Attendees at the Dec. 11 service thought they would see “Hail Mary, full of grace” in the booklet but instead were greeted with, “I ain’t a killer, but don’t push me; revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting p—sy.”

Andrew Chosky, who attended the Joy to the World service where the lyrics were distributed, told CNN that he recognized the 2Pac song right away.

“A lot of people were in shock as to whether or not it was a joke, or someone would actually rap the song,” Chosky said. “A few of the older ladies in front of us could not stop looking at the printed booklet.”


The event, which took place in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, was advertised as “a festival of music for peace and harmony” and organized by the Archdiocese of Colombo and the Joseph Vaz Trust.

Father Da Silva, a member of the archdiocese, told CNN that once organizers realized the error, they asked for the books back.


“The page was in the middle of the booklet. When people looked at this page, they saw it before the start of the show,” Da Silva said. “Two people saw it and alerted us to it.”

Father Da Silva said that the printer was a “young boy” who had downloaded the wrong version of the song.


“We are very sorry to say that this happened,” Da Silva said.

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