Chris Myers had some interesting things to say about Nashville's flooding while filling in for Dan Patrick on the radio today

During his “best of the weekend” segment the sportscaster impressively managed diaphanously veiled shots at both African-Americans and Hispanics within the same thought train.

From today’s show, at about the 2:35 mark in the second hour.

“My best is and maybe it’s a little corny, but I like it. It’s a great country here. We have disastrous issues where people pull together and help themselves and I thought the people in Tennessee, unlike and I’m not going to name names. When a natural disaster hits people were not standing on a rooftop trying to blame the government, okay, they helped each other out through this.”

“Middle Tennessee where a lot of hardworking, tax-paying, legal American citizens have been affected by the floods and are trying to rebuild their lives and they are helping out and I think that other people around the country, of course the music industry in and around Nashville helping, without making a big deal out of it and I think that’s a good thing.”

SOURCE: The Big Lead