Chris Brown on His Stalker Tendencies: ‘If I Love You, Bitch, Ain’t Nobody Gonna Have You’

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images
Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Chris Brown is basically every guy you’ve never wanted to come across when it comes to dating. Of course, there was the time he brutally beat Rihanna. Then there was the time he basically said that an R&B singer’s suicide attempt was done for attention. And now he’s confessing to be a stalker.


In a short Instagram video, Brown basically proved that he’s batshit insane. Not that we didn’t already realize that.

“Ladies, y’all ever dealt with a nigga that just be blowing y’all shit up? Hopping gates. Stalking the fuck outta ya, getting on your nerves. Well, shit, I’m one of those niggas. if I love you, bitch, ain’t nobody gonna have you. I’mma make you miserable. I’m going to chase that nigga out and chase your ass around,” Brown said in a loop of two videos.

Basically, this was a Chris Brown PSA. Stay away. Run. Tell someone you trust if Brown tries to date you.


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let’s not pretend like he’d be single for much longer (if he’s even single). women go crazy for the ‘bad boys’