Two years after Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna, a judge has lifted the "stay away" order keeping the singers apart. The judge reasoned that Brown is doing "a very good job" of meeting his probation terms.

A protective order banning Brown from harassing, stalking or striking Rihanna stays in place, thankfully. "He just can't bother her," lawyer Donald Etra, who represents Rihanna, said.


The restraining order previously required Brown to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna, and 10 yards away when the two were at the same industry event. It was originally set to expire in 2014, but Brown's lawyer asked the judge to lift it early.

The judge delayed approving the request at the last hearing until she could hear from Rihanna's lawyer.


"I have spoken to my client, and she does not object to the reduction to the stay-away order," Etra told the judge Tuesday.

"What I did was unacceptable, 100 percent. I can only ask and pray that you forgive me. Please," Brown said in a YouTube video released after the assault. Guess he forgot to add, "and please, l ask and pray that you let me off easy."

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