Haitian cholera victims await aid.
Haitian cholera victims await aid.

According to MSNBC, at least 142 people have died in a cholera outbreak in Haiti. Aid groups are rushing in medicine and other supplies Friday to combat Haiti's deadliest health problem since its devastating earthquake. Haitian President René Préval confirmed the outbreak of cholera in the quake-hit country's central region, saying his government was taking measures to try to stop the disease from spreading. The outbreak in the rural Artibonite region, which hosts thousands of quake refugees, appeared to confirm relief groups' fears about sanitation for homeless survivors living in tarp cities and other squalid settlements. With the proper resources and assistance, this disease and others would be preventable. Note to Congressman Tom Coburn: There are real-world consequences to withholding aid from Haiti over an overhyped political nonissue. Shaking our heads over here at The Root.

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