Catina Parks-Dorsey is demanding justice for her 15-year-old daughter, Amari Graves, who she says was attacked because she is gay.
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The mother of a Chicago teen is demanding answers after no one was apprehended following the brutal beating of her gay daughter, an act which she insists is a hate crime.

Amari Graves was walking to the store on Tuesday when she was attacked near her home. The 15-year-old said that her attackers included a girl she knew from school, as well as several adults, according to NBC Chicago.


The group stomped and kicked Amari and also sprayed mace in her face and tore off some of her clothes.

“When I was walking, she tried to pull a bat out and swing it at me,” she said of one of her attackers.

Amari said she was called names as the attack progressed.

“They was calling me a dyke and a stud and stuff,” she said.

To make matters even worse, according to Amari and her mother, Catina Parks-Dorsey, the mother of one of her attackers was recording the whole incident when the group jumped Amari and started to strip her clothes.


Parks-Dorsey believes her daughter was targeted because of her sexuality and is demanding to know why no one was arrested.

“Absolutely nothing was done,” the furious mother said. “No one was taken into custody, they told me I had to swear out my own warrant to have them arrested.”


Parks-Dorsey believes that the group should be charged with a hate crime, as well as sexual assault.

“[It’s] devastating to know you weren’t there to protect your child,” she said. “I want them locked up.”


According to the news station, Chicago police say they are going through the specifics of the incident and will present their findings to the state’s attorney’s office, who will give the final decision.

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