Chicago Mayor Tells Black Teens on Playground to Go Home, Gets Roasted in Response on Camera

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Black youth in Chicago were already a little wary of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the first mayor for the city who is a black woman and member of the LGBTQ community. During her historic mayoral campaign young activists frequently took Lightfoot to task on how she would ensure more accountability in the Chicago Police Department, given her background as president of the Police Board in a city replete with cases of police killing Black teens and covering it up.


This history may help explain the on-camera roasting Mayor Lightfoot got this weekend when she strolled up to a group of teens on a playground in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood while backed by an entourage of cops and a whole gang of other people. The mayor may have been attempting to channel the role of Party-Pooper Auntie she’s been playing on in a tongue-in-cheek way online to remind people to stay inside during Illinois’ shelter-in-place order due to COVID-19.

But if Mayor Lightfoot was trying to create a meme moment it didn’t quite work out in her favor, since the kids didn’t take too kindly to her strong-handed approach. See for yourself in this video of the interaction shared on Twitter:

Now I’m the first to say that youth should respect their elders and that young men in particular should speak to women with respect. I also appreciate the very real concern that the great weather Chicago and other places across the country experienced this weekend has tempted people to forget we still need to be social distancing.

But I also can’t say that I didn’t laugh at “baldheaded ass.”

Meanwhile GoodKidsMadCity, a group of youth fighting to end violence in cities through more resources in their communities rather than police made a good point in their response to the mayor’s on-camera roasting. The day before Mayor Lightfoot tried to make an example of the teens on that playground, a crowd of predominantly white protestors had been posted up in Chicago’s Downtown area defying the stay-at-home order:

Protestors against the coronavirus shutdown in front of a James R. Thompson Center on May 1, 2020 in Chicago
Protestors against the coronavirus shutdown in front of a James R. Thompson Center on May 1, 2020 in Chicago
Photo: Kamil Krzacynski (AFP via Getty Images)

“She didn’t tell they asses to go home or that they may infect they Mommas,” GoodKidsMadCity tweeted. “But she got smoke for Black kids though?”

You can’t say the kids aren’t woke.

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No, nope and naw! She was respectful to them in her approach, her tone and her appeal to think of someone BESIDES themselves and they responded like next gen Misogynoirists: they insulted her looks! They’d have whispered that shit as they hustled off if it had been ANY Black or white male said it and slunk away not saying A WORD had she been anything Other than Black and what they consider cute!! 

So they went home and square up on their mothers too cuz that mouthy shit was not precluded by nor nipped in the bud by any RESPONSIBLE MAN! But, the Black woman got pregnant alone and raised him alone so it’s ALL HER FAULT!

So where are the proud HBCU Black Fratboys ham-boning & hooting (cameras were there!)? Where were the lying I-Take-Care-Of-My-Kids! fathers giving interviews ‘bout this wrongness?I’d love to see the Snoop Dogg and T.I. posts ‘bout rolling up on these boys! Find me any of the sports and hiphop stars who cried, reached in their pockets and took to the ‘net for a dead HALF-Black girl who somehow silent about thedisrespect afforded this Live Black, Queer WOMAN who is smart enough and strong enough to run and win racist-ass Chicago!! I’d settle for a hotep with a bean pie and a bowtie standing up and preaching about THIS QUEEN!! Hell, can not even RuPaul or Janet Mock say something on a Sistuh’s behalf?!

NO!! Because a Black woman has to be perfect to get ANY kind of support from her people! She’s gotta be smart and never misstep or make a mistake. She’s gotta let ignorant-asses get away with everything while cussing out white people and she damn sure better not be brown with short hair or even other Black women turn into Miss Celie whispering,”Beat huhr!”

And screw the false equivocation that a Black woman shouldn’t be able to talk to some Black kids reasonably but the Black Female Mayor of Chicago should try to reason with armed Nazis...

We should all be shamed about this bull!!