Chicago Man Who Had Murder Charges Dismissed Is Killed While Leaving Jail

Chicago Police Department
Chicago Police Department

A Chicago man who had been facing murder charges that were dismissed after prosecutors failed to give him a speedy trial was gunned down as he was being driven away from Cook County (Ill.) Jail earlier this week.

According to CBS News, Kamari Belmont was facing charges for the May 2015 shooting of 40-year-old Sorrell Marshall, who died three weeks later. Belmont was initially charged with attempted murder, and those charges weren’t upgraded until a year later, in a delay that prosecutors did not explain.

After the murder charges were dropped in January, Belmont remained in custody for a separate robbery case, but a friend posted his $100,000 bond Monday.


While the 23-year-old was being driven away from the jail, a SUV pulled up alongside the vehicle he was in and someone began shooting. Belmont was shot multiple times and died at the scene. The SUV involved in the shooting crashed, but those inside ran away.

Belmont’s lawyer, Michael Johnson, said that he is not sure whether Belmont’s killing was a retaliation hit, adding that the cases were not gang-related.

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Belmont’s lawyer, Michael Johnson said that he is not sure that Belmont’s killing was in retaliation hit, adding that the cases were not gang-related.

Street Justice is not solely tied to gang activity. Chicago is never going to get a handle on it’s murder rate as long people feel that they can mete out justice on their own terms.

Of course one has to wonder if forgetting to meet the guidelines for a speedy trial and putting that person back on the street is not an alternative form of sentencing.