Cherry Pickin': A Morning Media Round-Up

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The Los Angeles Times: Proposition 8 Court Challenges Set Begin Today

TBT: Whatever your thoughts, the manner in which either argument is made will clearly demark our progress as people.


The San Francisco Chronicle: Homicide Victims Are Not Just Statistics

TBT: Absolutely thought-provoking, heart-rending and probably a Buzz item all its own.

The New York Times: Obama's Hair Showing Shades of Gray, Occupation Apparently Stressful

TBT: Listen. When the guy's not following through on his jumper or crashing the offensive glass during his pick-up games, then we'll be worried.

The Washington Post: Democrats Using 'Diversionary Tactics,' Karl Rove Secretly Proud

TBT: Politics is rife with dirty pool and the GOP still isn't quite getting the fact that, after eight years of being softer than toilet tissue, the Democrats are finally taking a page from the "cowboy up" book and playing a little rough.


BBC: Bashir Plans To Defy Charges, Bought Himself a Few Days

TBT: Hey, we're all for railing against the "colonialists" and such, but buddy…you are, in a very real sense, a criminal against humanity and just because people have been slow to act because people don't generally care what happens in Africa because they have no fiduciary interests there and those that do can hold those who might do something at bay because they bankroll wars in other nations does not mean you're going to fool anybody. Just saying.


ABC News: Ex-First Lady Bush Has Heart Surgery

TBT: Say what you will, but that's one tough old bird.

ESPN: Cowboys Cut Terrell Owens

TBT: Money's tight these days and being a mercurial first-ballot Hall of Famer does not have the job security of being an economy-bungling CEO.


Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: Be Cool Calm and Collected About Proposition 8 Challenge Today

TBT: Ask any discriminated against community—righteous indignation is always justified, but getting worked up in the wrong way is never, in the end, productive.


The Huffington Post: Andrew Cuomo To Have Battle Royale With Bank of America, Merrill

TBT: My goodness! CUOMO WITH A TRUCK STOP POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! And BofA is dazed! BofA IS DAZED! Cuomo's setting up for some Sweet Chin Music! THIS COULD BE ALL SHE WROTE FOLKS! BofA can only pray…WAIT! Is that Merrill Lynch?! My word! HERE COMES MERRILL WITH A FOREIGN OBJECT!..


The Daily Beast: A History of Michelle Obama's Arms, Saartjie Baartman Somewhere Shaking Head

TBT: We know we're in a post-racial nation and such, but if you think people have let lapse their subscriptions to Gazing at Blacks, you're nuts. And please don't follow up with, "it's because she's the first lady." We both know that one doesn't hold water.