U.S. News & World Reports: GOP to Steele: Shut Your Pie Hole

TBT: Man. It's cold in the streets.

MSNBC: President's Approval Rating at All-Time High, "All-Time" Not Long Time

TBT: Kudos for getting off on the right foot of course, but it's been a month and change. Let's settle down.


ESPN: NLF Players Missing at Sea, Bonded for Eternity

TBT: Rest in peace.

BBC: Warrant Issued for Sudan's President Bashir

TBT: It's comeuppance time, buddy. And remember: Saddam had to answer for the Kurds.


Al Jazeera: Clinton Meets With Palestinian Officials, Does Not Body Slam on Behalf of Israel

TBT: Some folks are going to be none to pleased about this little diplomatic jaunt.

E!: Usher Blasts Jet-Skiing Brown, Holed Up in Studio Working on New Album (Hint Hint)


TBT: The man's got a point.

TVnewser: Jim Cramer Dares Disagrees With The Obama's Budget, White House Ethers Him

TBT: It puts an apology in the basket or it gets the hose again!

Politico: Moderate Dems Not That Into Budget, Consult Their Life Insurance Policies


TBT: Uh oh.

Subrealism: Fertilizer Thefts Being Reported, Buzz a Bit Alarmed

TBT: Hey, federal law enforcement: Let's be on our p's and q's, eh?

Oliver Willis: Investigation Underway in Michael Steele's 2006 Campaign Expenditures. Ouch.


TBT: Tough week, huh Michael?