The New York Times: AIG Set to Get Another $30B, Failing Up Is "The New Black"

TBT: This will help keep us afloat, this will help keep us afloat, these guys will do the right thing this time…


The Washington Post: Judge Rules In Favor of Campaign Benefactor, Question Raised As To Whether He Ruled Impartially

TBT: Not likely.

The Los Angeles Times: Granddaughter of Slave Becomes Chief Judge of U.S. District Court in LA


TBT: Black history happens every month of the year.

BBC: Guinea-Bissau President Shot Dead

TBT: We so often take peaceful transitions for granted.

Politico: Obama Must Soon Confront Gays in Military Quagmire

TBT: Unless such a lifestyle rots out the infrastructure of the military, The Buzz doesn't care what people who willingly defend their country do on their own time.


Forbes: Obama Administration Does Not Back Israel's Play 1000 Percent, Clearly Anti-Semites

TBT: Because if you attempt to be judicious in your dealings with Israel and the Middle East, you're an Anti-Semite who hates freedom. Clearly.

Jack and Jill Politics: Another AIG Bailout?!

TBT: The Buzz also feels completely question marks and exclamation points about this (???!!!!)


Booker Rising: GOP Hopes To Turn Conservative Dems on Obama Budget

TBT: Somewhere, Daniel Patrick Moynihan is wishing he were alive to meddle in this one.