Cherry Pickin'

The New York Times: A brief summary and favorable analysis of President Obama's speech.

The Buzz's Take: Watching the speech involved a lot of head-nodding sprinkled with some curious tilts to the side.


The Washington Post: William Kristol explains that, despite the optimism, Obama demonstrated an inability to be a War President.

The Buzz's Take: Just because you don't talk extensively about putting your shoe in someone doesn't mean you won't.

Think Progress: A treatment of Gov. Bobby Jindal's PBS Tele—, Republican Response to the President's speech.

The Buzz's Take: Just awful. We like Jindal well enough but come on. They couldn't have gotten Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh? What's Reagan up to these days?


The Huffington Post: MSNBC cuts to Jindal, Anchors not amused.

The Buzz's Take: Totally unprofessional and COMPLETELY hilarious.

Politico: A translation of Obama's address.

The Buzz's Take: Real talk was laden in delicately-crafted diplomatic speak? These guys are a regular Woodward and Bernstein.


Michelle Malkin: A defense of Bobby Jindal.

The Buzz's Take: Someone had to, right?

Project Logic Ga: A Southern Black moderate perspective on last night's speech.

The Buzz's Take: *Shoulder shrug*

CNN: Another analysis of the speech.

The Buzz's Take: Reagan comparisons can kind of go either way.

Al Jazeera: Rwanda troops start Congo pullout.

The Buzz's Take: This won't be the last we hear of this. Whether we care is a different matter.


BBC: A mounting Kenyan police scandal.

The Buzz's Take: And some people wonder why people don't always "do the right thing" and testify. Sheesh.

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