Cherry Pickin'

The New York Times: It's certainly nice to go into tonight's speech with some momentum.

The Washington Post: So what happens at the end of the emergency?

The Los Angeles Times: That sound, friends, was the good people at having a collective stroke.


BBC: Having a controlling interest in a private company within your country just makes you very, very patriotic.

Al Jazeera: Be careful, fellas: Collateral damage tends to upset people.

ESPN: The consummate professional and proof positive that nice Black people can beat gun charges.

Ebony Report: Good grief…

Racialicious: All the downside but none of the blame? That's like being Prince Harry, but extremely poor.


The Daily Beast: When you give your husband a pound after winning the presidential nod, your G is well-spoken for.

Think Progress: Threatened? Unlikely. Maybe that nervous feeling is the realization that you threw down the gauntlet at a president, Rick.


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