Charlotte Police Shoot and Kill an Allegedly Armed Man at Burger King

Kerr Putney, chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police
Kerr Putney, chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police
Photo: Sean Rayford (Getty Images)

A 27-year-old man is dead, and protesters are questioning the police’s version of the events that led up to him being shot and killed by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer.


Officer Wende Kerl shot and killed Danquirs Napoleon Franklin at a Burger King around 9 a.m. on Monday, according to the Charlotte Observer. Police say Franklin was armed with a gun at the time of the shooting and refused to drop it when commanded to do so by police.

But at least one witness is disputing those facts.

Precious Robinson told the Observer that she was sitting in the restaurant’s drive-thru at the time of the shooting. She said an armed man was threatening a woman at the Burger King with a gun and a second unarmed man—Franklin—tried to intervene to help. Robinson claims police shot the wrong man.

Charlotte police tweeted Monday evening that there was “misinformation” being reported about the shooting. They said they received multiple 911 calls about a man with a gun, and when officers arrived, they reportedly saw the man with the gun. They gave multiple commands for him to drop the gun, which they said he refused to do. A gun was reportedly recovered at the scene.

In a media briefing outside the restaurant, CMPD Chief Kerr Putney told reporters: “We get here, engage the subject, who is armed. There are multiple commands to drop the weapon, as we engage him outside in the parking lot. At some of the first arriving officers perceived a lethal threat (and) fired at least one round, striking the subject.”

CMPD Internal Affairs will conduct an investigation into the shooting, according to the Observer. Officer Kerl, a 24-year veteran with the department, has been placed on paid administrative leave.


Protesters gathered across the street from the restaurant and accused police of “shooting first” and asking questions later, disputing the police account of the events that led up to the shooting

This is the second deadly shooting for CMPD in 2019. In January, a man armed with a knife was killed outside a Family Dollar Store.


Old white guy

What? They released the name of the officer involved? How very archaic of this department. I thought the “proper” way was to keep the names unknown in order to protect those who aren’t dead.

Now, if you want real transparency, release the camera footage (of which there is a lot of it, we all know that) as soon as possible, regardless of what it shows.