Scott Baio, who somehow has time in his busy schedule to tweet, has been the target of Twitter hate after a tweet concerning First Lady Michelle Obama. From Popeater

The actor, a staunch Republican, tweeted an unflattering photo of Obama and asked, "WOW He wakes up to this every morning." Before long, he was receiving disturbing messages, like this from a user named @Timafi, who wrote: "easy to find your house Scottie boy and finish YOU. I am a republican and I love Mrs O."


Baio, apparently unaware that people still like the First Lady, fired back

In defense mode, Baio tweeted a photo of himself with his wife's best friend, who is black. "Do I look like I'm racist? This is Renee's BEST frd. STOP USING THE RACE CARD!!!" he type-yelled…But the actor was adamant: it was a joke, people!

"One bad picture of a woman & everyone wants to bash me? If it had been of Palin ppl would have prob. cheered. I am NOT making fun of any1."


Oh, Scott.

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