Casey Anthony is released from jail. (Getty Images)

Eric Deggans, in his St. Petersburg Times media column, reviews a cavalcade of negative reaction to a Tampa, Fla.'s jock's song of tribute to Caylee Anthony that is also scheduled to be released by Brian McKnight.

It started mostly as a way for Tampa radio jock Cledus T. Judd to vent on how little attention was focused on deceased 2-year-old Caylee Anthony after her mother's acquittal on murder charges.

But Judd has seen interest in the ballad he wrote, She's Going Places (Caylee's Song), become supercharged by passions over the Casey Anthony trial. It's spawned more than 700,000 hits on various YouTube videos, attention from R&B singer Brian McKnight and a profanity-laced fight Thursday between local radio guys Orlando Davis and Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.

"I never dreamed in a lifetime that it would cause this entire community of people who do what I do to start this gang war in a 5-mile radius," said Judd (real name: Barry Poole), a co-host on the morning show at WQYK-FM (99.5) who could barely contain his anger over Clem's attacks.

The local controversy erupted as gossip website TMZ reported Casey Anthony may be seeking up to $1.5 million for her first media interview.


Judd, for his part, hopes to raise one dollar more to keep the memory of Caylee Anthony's tragic death alive.

Read Eric Deggans' complete column at the St. Petersburg Times.

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