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Carmelo Anthony Writes Love Note to Denver

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Ten days after completing a "messy divorce" from the Denver Nuggets, Carmelo Anthony (traded to the New York Knicks in a Feb. 22 deal) has penned a sentimental letter to his former fan base and posted it on his website:

A Note to My Denver fans

I had to let you know how I felt about you, the city, my fans, my friends. You’ve been supportive of me and my NBA career for the past 8 years and that doesn’t go unnoticed.


Drafted when I was 19 I called Denver and the Nuggets my home. The city and the fans embraced me and watched me grow as a man and a player.

There are no words to express the gratitude and appreciation I have for Denver, the Nuggets and all the fans.


You will always be a part of my heart.

One Love,


Maybe it was a calculated PR move (or maybe a sweet public good-bye is just the non-Lebron thing to do in sports — Caron Butler bid farewell to Wizards fans in a similar fashion last year). And it's anyone's guess how it will be received by disappointed Denver fans.

Still, we give Melo points for humility, grace and politeness. (Now, how these qualities will bode for the plot of a guilty-pleasure VH1 reality show is another question — hopefully, wife La La will pick up the slack in the drama department.)

Read more at the Denver Post.

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