Carlos Allen Crashes Another Party: The D.C. Mayoral Race

"The First Afro-Latino"? Carlos Allen's D.C. mayoral candidate sign
"The First Afro-Latino"? Carlos Allen's D.C. mayoral candidate sign

With signs that read, "The First Afro-Latino in History," Carlos Allen is running for mayor of Washington, D.C., allegedly as an independent. The lesser-known third of the three people who crashed the White House state dinner is officially running for mayor. The man who could not produce evidence of an invitation to the state dinner and removed photos from his Facebook page once he was identified as a party crasher wants to run D.C. His campaign signs are plastered all over D.C., boasting that he's "The First Afro-Latino in History," and his Facebook page is covered with congratulatory remarks from friends and supporters. Allen hopes to challenge Vincent Gray, who upset incumbent mayor Adrian Fenty in the Democratic primary. If it weren't the mayor's office in D.C., Allen's perceived lack of integrity, authenticity and desperate social-climber behavior would count against him. But anyone who knows anything about D.C. politics knows that anything can happen when it comes to the mayor's office. Let the games begin. 



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