Carlita Kilpatrick: Wife of The Year

I don't know how former mayor Kwame "The Text-Sex Mack" Kilpatrick will recover from the scandal that rocked Detroit, but his wife Carlita, evidently, has his back. In her first interview since her husband got out the joint, Carlita pledges her undying loyalty to her husband, even while acknowledging his shortcomings. Wow.

I remember clowning her as she sat in court with her doo all askew, watching her hubby get sent up for lying about an affair. Looking back,I kind of regret taking pot shots. I guess I didn't know what to make of her instistence to stand behind her man in the light of such a flagrant violation. But like alot of women who partner with powerful, flawed men, she made a decision to bite the bullet and go the distance. Who knows if they actually will or not, but I gotta say she gets a medal for not pouring a pot of boiling grits on him not neccesarily for having an affair, but being so stupid and careless about it.


But Carlita is my new wonder woman, because thinking about it: it's easy to leave. But, like Coretta Scott King and Hilary Clinton, it's harder and more courageous to stay. Should she have left him? We all know Carlita would be within her rights to walk, but what makes a woman stay in the first place?

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