Canine-Abusing Karen Violently Throws Puppy at Black Man After Incoherent Rant

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Screenshot: @Mulaflare/ Twitter

Man...I don’t even know what to call this one. Canine Caroline? Animal Abuse Abby?


All I know is a Black man has a new pet after a seemingly inebriated white woman harassed him and...*checks notes*...violently threw a puppy at him.

A video posted to Twitter on Saturday begins with the Black man who filmed the incident while asking the woman who is holding the dog under her arm a simple question: “Why you holding the dog like that?”

The man whose Twitter handle is @Mulaflare appeared to be concerned about the small dog’s wellbeing while I’m not sure discount Carole Baskin even knew what planet she was on.

“You got me in the middle of this street,” the man can be heard saying while Becky-with-the-bad-hangover appeared to approach him while rambling incoherently. (Seriously, I tried to do a little more transcribing here, but I don’t speak this particular dialect of Karen and couldn’t decipher most of her slurred white nonsense. And by “slurred,” I mean her manner of speaking and she was probably saying some racist shit.)

He then asks her, “are you on crack?” at which point the woman appears to try to strike him just before he can be heard saying “Let me get back in my car.”

She continues to ramble while walking towards him. (And then away from him, then kind of...diagonally? You know, I’m just going to say it: I’m pretty sure Methed-up Methany was on drugs.)


“You’re Black,” is pretty much the first thing High-as-fuck Helen said that can be heard clearly.

“I said, you are Black,” she continued, to which the man replied, “So what if I am fucking Black?”


“So what if I’m fucking white?” Becky-with-the-out-of-body-experience responds indicating that she was either purposely being racially antagonistic or she literally forgot how the last two seconds of conversation started.

Then it happened. The man repeated his concern about how the woman was treating the dog she was carrying—and she responded by chucking it at him.


Content warning: The following video shows what any human being who’s not a violent moron would consider clear animal abuse. It’s graphic and I watched this dog land on its back, yelp in pain and then run towards the man frantically so you wouldn’t have to, but here it is...


The video ends after the man picks the dog up off of the ground and begins to walk away shocked at what she just did. Then Dog-gone Donna reached to the peak of Mt. Caucasity and accused him of stealing—as opposed to rescuing—the puppy from her.

It’s unclear whether the man plans on keeping the dog permanently, but he created a GoFundMe and Instagram account for the abused pup. The page already has nearly 20,000 followers and features a series of photos that show the dog sitting in a car under the caption “new life.”



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