Candace Owens Blames LeBron James and BLM for Shooting of L.A. Sheriff Deputies

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Candace Owens is a special kind of bootlicker. There might not be another Black conservative who has dedicated as much of their platform to getting white people to pat them on the head for denying the existence of systemic racism. I can’t think of another Sunken Place resident who goes out of their way to oppose all things Black Lives Matter every time there’s a new trending story related to the movement the way she does. Wherever there’s a high-profile case involving a Black person and police violence, Owens is sure to come through with a cape on to play Captain Save-a-Honkey and explain why the victim was at fault. So it should come as no surprise that after two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot in what authorities describe as an “ambush,” Owens took to Twitter with one person in mind to blame: LeBron James.


On Sunday, Cruella de Negro tweeted a video of the Saturday shooting accompanied by the caption: “Why does this happen? Because pea-brained celebrities that are idolized like @KingJames tell young black men that they are ‘literally being hunted’. This is the natural result of such hyperbolic, dishonest rhetoric. The racist, anti-police, black lives matter LIE is to blame.”

Clarence Thomas’ footstool is, of course, referring to a May tweet from James calling for justice for Ahmaud Arbery—whose death had nothing to do with police. Not that facts matter to Blandace Owens (a name I just made up in reference to how I imagine Owens’ potato salad must taste).

So, here’s why Owens can shut every last bit of the fuck up:

First of all, the person who shot those two cops—both of whom survived the shooting and are recovering from their injuries—hasn’t been caught. So Condoleezza Lice has no idea what motivated the shooter’s actions. Secondly, even if this was some rogue anti-racism activist who, inspired by the BLM movement, took things too far, how the fuck is that LeBron’s fault? How is that on anyone who calls out systemic racism? Are Black people supposed to stay silent about racism, police brutality and the extrajudicial executions of unarmed citizens on the off chance that our narrative—which tends to be based on our lived experiences—might cause some nut-job to go after cops at random?


By Owens’ logic, one could also argue that the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain and countless others are due to the white supremacist narrative that Black people are inherently violent and dangerous. Maybe we should be blaming the deaths allegedly caused by Kyle Rittenhouse on the conservative narrative that most Black Lives Matter protests are violent, especially considering recent reports that the vast majority of them are not.

But this argument is unlikely to sway right-wingers like Owens who won’t even admit that the president’s constant bigotry might be directly linked to an uptick in hate crimes across the nation.


It’s almost as if conservatives only care about the possible consequences of irresponsible rhetoric when the rhetoric isn’t coming from their own mouths. Go figure.

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Makes you wonder what she would say about a 17-year-old who arms himself and crosses state lines to murder protestors in defense of the neighborhood TJ Maxx?