#CampaigningWhileBlack: Police Called on Black Students Canvassing for Congressional Candidate

Eli Sabur
Eli Sabur
Screenshot: WGCL

Everyone who watches Fox News knows the ingredients for the unseasoned white recipe for black success. Instead of protesting, complaining and blaming everything on “the white man,” if “the blacks” were really interested in equality, justice and success, they would focus on education, hard work and getting involved in the political process...


Until a random white person calls the police on a black person for doing just that.

For instance, when Morehouse student Eli Sabur decided to take some time out of his busy schedule of ignoring black on black crime to canvass for a congressional candidate when three fugitive slave catchers police officers showed up just to ask the Morehouse College for his freedom papers.

Sabur and another volunteer were canvassing a Snellville, Ga., neighborhood on Thursday, something Sabur has done for years, according to WGCL. This time, Sabur was working for David Kim, a Democratic candidate in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District.

“I was in my campaign shirt, hands full of literature and professional as always,” Sabur said in a Facebook video detailing thge incident. “It’s crazy smh this is not the first time it’s happened..it actually happens A LOT.”

The video shows 3 police cruisers surrounding Sabur, presumably to congratulate him on his hard work on the grassroots political campaign for Kim, a Harvard graduate who turned his dormitory tutoring business into C2 Education, “a company with 200 locations, thousands of employees, and annual revenues over 100 million dollars,” according to Kim’s campaign website.


“We’re trying to get David Kim in office,” Sabur laments in the footage. The Morehouse student told reporters he encounters this phenomenon about 3 times per month. But I’m sure we’ve all heard about the string of burglaries committed by crafty negroes masquerading as political volunteers carrying campaign literature.

The scheme is ingenious. The robbers somehow obtain matching uniforms from actual political candidates. Then they wait until days before the June 24 primaries, casing the neighborhoods by knocking on front doors in broad daylight and handing out campaign literature. And that’s when they strike.


Even though no one has reported a crime committed, apparently residents of the idyllic suburb wanted to make sure they didn’t become the next victims of the uniformed burglary ring. You can never be too sure.

This nonexistent plot was unearthed in nearby Oregon, when State Representative Janelle Bynum (D-Ore.) found herself being approached by the cops as she canvassed in a Clackamas, Ore., community.


In a statement on Facebook, David Kim wrote:

I understand why every parent of a child of color must have “the talk” and worry about all our team members out in the field. I’m relieved that the police in this case were friendly and not intimidating, and that this regrettable incident didn’t escalate into something worse. Political door knocking is not solicitation. It is perfectly legal and an expression of democracy at its finest. We know this happens all the time- the police are called more on canvassers of color - regardless of whose campaign it is. Earlier this month a State Rep had the cops called on her when she was canvassing in her own district. We’re only going to turn things around if we all get involved, because when an injustice like this is done, it is done to all of us. We must stand together for the rights of all people. I will always be vocal about issues regarding inequality and discrimination - whether the conversation is uncomfortable or not. Let us use this moment to inspire action.


It is entirely possible that the narrative of white people calling the police on black people is overblown. Georgia police only shot 88 people in 2017, killing 30, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. There’s no way they could ever kill that many people again, right?

Since January 1, 2018, Georgia cops have already shot 55 citizens, killing 30.


Hello, America: Never Fuck a Republican

Fellow white people: calling the police on a black person is an act of violence. Calling the police on a black person is an act of violence. Calling the police on a black person is an act of violence.