California Woman Charged With Hate Crime, Accused of Racially Harassing Black Delivery Driver

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In today’s episode of White People Are Addicted to Thinking They’re in Charge of Shit, a white woman in Berkeley, Calif., went after a Black Amazon driver for allegedly speeding and ended up charged with a hate crime. And of course, a story like this wouldn’t be complete without free use of racial slurs allegedly entering the chat.


Kendall McIntosh, the driver and victim of white people’s abject inability to mind their own business, told KRON 4 that, after accusing him of speeding, the woman and her boyfriend began following him, and, at one point, the woman jumped into his vehicle and tried to take control of the steering wheel—which is why I’m now considering changing the name of this show to White People Who Have Seen Far Too Many Die Hard Movies.

From KRON:

He says he’s thankful neighbors got involved and recorded the incident because this isn’t the first time he’s been in a situation like this before.

“Instantly just started cursing me out like, first sentence I’m getting cursed at,” McIntosh said. “Very derogatory language, you know I was getting constant F bombs thrown at me. I was getting just racially profiled from the jump.”

McIntosh says he was finishing rounds delivering packages in Berkeley when 35-year-old Julie Walrand accused him of speeding and then she and her boyfriend followed him to Delaware Street and McGee Avenue in North Berkeley.

“That’s when the harassing started happening. I was just trying to do my job and she wouldn’t allow me to, she closed both double doors in the van I was trying to leave out of,” McIntosh said.

McIntosh says Warland’s boyfriend then stood behind the delivery truck and prevented him from leaving.


McIntosh said he was eventually able to exit his van to talk things out with Great Value Benson and Stabler, but that just ended in him being subjected to more shouting and racial slurs.

“What constantly was running through my mind was you know it could be me in handcuffs instead of her so no matter what the situation is, just protect yourself,” McIntosh said. “If you feel like you have to videotape it or anything, definitely do that because I felt like if there wasn’t a video—[if] it wasn’t being recorded, she probably could’ve gotten away with saying this.”

Fortunately, Warland didn’t get away with it and was arrested “on suspicion of false imprisonment, battery, using offensive words and willfully threatening a person based on their appearance,” KRON reports. Her alleged actions have been classified as a hate crime.

It’s unclear whether her boyfriend will face any charges in connection to the incident.

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Awaiting the teary “I have black friends” response.