Calif. Teacher on Paid Leave After Confederate Flag Found Hanging in Classroom


Parents are speaking out after reports that a Confederate flag was found hanging inside a Sutter Middle School classroom in Folsom, Calif., CBS Sacramento reports.


According to the news station, it is not the first time the teacher in whose classroom the flag was found has been accused of racially charged actions. Parents want to know what the context of the lesson was and why the flag was ever hung.

“There are upsetting things that have happened in our past. I would hope that he would teach them in a sensitive manner so that nobody is offended, but I do think it’s important that they be taught,” Melissa Mooy, who has a daughter in the class, told the news station.

The teacher in question is currently on paid leave. CBS Sacramento reports that this is the second time in less than three months that the teacher has faced racist allegations. The teacher last came under fire after giving a racially charged explanation for equality.

“One of the kids raised their hand and asked the teacher for an example of equality, for what equality meant,” Tyrie McIntyre, the father of a Sutter student, said back in November. “The teacher said, ‘Equality, such as if you were to hang one black person, you would have to hang all black people and that’s equality.’”

The incident upset the McIntyres’ son, Tyler, who was the only black student in the classroom at the time.


Regarding the flag incident, Daniel Thigpen, a spokesperson for the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, told CBS Sacramento: “It’s a concerning allegation, and we understand that regardless of context, for many people, including many in our school community, this is a piece of history and also an inflammatory racist symbol of hate.”

The flag was removed from the classroom, as was the teacher in question. The school district stated that racism will not be tolerated, according to the report.


“Prior to this incident being brought to light, the principal was starting a new project where they are bringing in a coach to create student-facilitated discussions around their experiences,” Thigpen added.

A school board meeting was scheduled for Thursday at 7 p.m.


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Having read this story and the link to the previous incident, one question: How was this teacher not fired and/or sentence to 20 hours of getting kicked in the balls after explaining “equality?”

The absolute fuck?