Calif. Father, Accused of Setting House Fire That Killed 5-Year-Old Son, Surrenders to Police

Darrylone Shuemake Sr.
Vallejo, Calif., Police Department via CBS San Francisco

A California father who is accused of purposely setting fire to his house—and  ultimately killing his 5-year-old son as a result—turned himself in to authorities Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Darrylone Shuemake Sr. reportedly called the Richmond, Calif., Police Department on Wednesday morning, telling them his location and adding that he wanted to surrender, Vallejo, Calif., Police Capt. John Whitney confirmed in a statement. Richmond police went to the given location and detained the 53-year-old.


Shuemake had been on the run since Sunday after, authorities say, he intentionally set fire to his family home in Vallejo, killing his son Dayleon Seil-Shuemake and injuring other family members. Officials believe that he used an accelerant to start the fire, which originated in the master bedroom.

Dayleon's mom and half brother suffered burns in the blaze; the mother remains in the hospital in critical condition.


As the Times notes, after the fire, an arrest warrant was issued for Shuemake, charging him with murder, attempted murder and arson.

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

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