Calif. Dad Outraged at Racist Comments During High School Girls Basketball Game

Video image of the basketball game between Oak Ridge and C.K. McClatchy high schools in California.
KCRA Screenshot

A California father and other parents are demanding an apology after Oak Ridge High School fans reportedly yelled racially insensitive slurs during a girls basketball game, KCRA reports

"What the student body would 'cheer' during the game is even worse—keep in mind that half of our team is of Asian descent," Glen Kumamoto told the news station. "They would yell 'soy sauce,' 'little eyes,' 'you're ugly'—just to name a few."


"We started out doing cheers like our normal games," a McClatchy High School student added. "And then, the other team started saying, 'You guys are ugly. You guys are trash. Go back to your horrible homes.' We were all just disgusted the next day."

Kumamoto says he was even more disappointed that none of the staff at Oak Ridge appeared to do anything to stop the taunts. 

"If these racial taunts were made against African Americans, there would be outrage, but because they were made against Asians, nobody on the Oak Ridge staff seemed to think there was a problem," Kumamoto said.

KCRA reported that the El Dorado Union High School District released a statement Tuesday, indicating that it was aware of the "inappropriate behavior and derogatory comments" that came from Oak Ridge fans. 


"We are disappointed and saddened by this situation and are working to address the inappropriate behavior," the statement read. "It is our expectation that respect be given to all during our athletic events and apologize that this was not the case on this particular evening."

The school district, however, did not specify if any action would be taken. 

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