MSNBC is reporting that the protests in Egypt have turned violent. Overnight, pro-Mubarak supporters open-fired on an anti-Mubarak protest camp in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Thursday, killing at least five, as violence surged over an unprecedented challenge to his 30-year-old rule. Hundreds have reportedly been injured. The opposition responded by renewing demands that the 82-year-old leader step down. Thousands of dissidents barricaded themselves into the central Cairo square, vowing to remain until Mubarak goes.

The U.S. has called for all citizens to get out of the imploding country. The Muslim Brotherhood, a formally banned mass movement seen as the best-organized opposition, issued a statement calling for Mubarak to be replaced by a national unity government. The Islamist group, whose potential rise to power troubles Mubarak's Western allies, has taken a backseat in the protest movement thus far.

Many protesters are blaming the government for destroying the once peaceful demonstrations, with President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton renewing their appeal for Mubarak to hold democratic elections and step down. Mubarak is not going anywhere and will move at his own pace. Sadly, many more will pay with their lives.


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In other news: Obama 'Very Concerned' About Delays in Mubarak's Transfer of Power.

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