Burned, Dead Body Found Near Site Where Michael Brown Was Killed

A row of cars burn at a used-car lot during a demonstration on Nov. 25, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Around 9 a.m. Tuesday, a black man’s body was found near the same apartment where Ferguson, Mo., police Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown on Aug. 9, CBS St. Louis and the Associated Press report.

The young man, reportedly in his 20s, was shot to death and set on fire. His body was found inside a parked vehicle.


According to the report, the St. Louis County Police Department released a statement saying that the victim was still unidentified as of early Tuesday. There was no additional information about the ownership of the car or how the discovery was made.

“This incident is currently being classified as a suspicious death and will remain so until evidence allows a different classification,” the statement also read.


Ferguson is still recovering from a night of unrest during which gunshots rang out and police vehicles were vandalized after a grand jury decided not to indict Wilson in Brown’s death. The police responded by deploying tear gas and smoke canisters at the crowd. In the end, more than 80 people were arrested, the site notes.

Read more at CBS St. Louis.

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