Ackerman makes a stellar point. Times are definitely tough if you've gotten used to eight years of being able to sell, sell, sell to a government that would not only buy, buy, buy but use, use, use. Now these individuals are faced with the task of doing business with a government that will certainly still purchase their wares, but not at the same rate and with a good degree more oversight. Is this the end of the defense industry? Certainly not. Defense is necessary. While The Buzz would love to be protected by mere ideals and the ability to disagree in a civil manner, there's something reassuring about knowing there are people and the means to get physical should it come to that. Still, if The Buzz were working in defense, we'd try to get an early jump on figuring out what kind of stuff we can convert into something more preservation of life-friendly. And if it's green that won't hurt either. Let's be real: It takes brilliant minds to think of the myriad ways to quickly end the lives of several people at a time and it seems reasonable that those minds could be programmed to do something equally effective but minus the blood and gore.