Bruh, Rabbit? Easter Bunny Puts Paws on Florida Man Attacking Black Woman

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A Florida man discovered that a rabbit’s foot is not always lucky after he attacked a black woman and ended up catching an old, rugged right cross from the Easter Bunny.


According to WKMG, a woman was outside an Orlando comedy club when a melee broke out on the sidewalk. Apparently, the Easter Bunny was on the way to his cousin Bugs’ house after a long day of hiding eggs, when he noticed a white male having words with an African-American woman.

“I don’t know if he was bullying her or what,” explained Antoine McDonald, the man who was inside the costume. “So then I see him spit on her and she started hitting him and everything.”

It looked like the woman was holding her own against the overwhelmed Caucasian. But the fur really started flying when the Easter Bunny decided that it was time to use his white rabbit privilege. McDonald, who purchased the costume “just for a few laughs” hopped into the hare-y situation and gave the red-face accoster a fist-of-my-fist, blood-of-my-blood communion, allowing the pummeled paleface to catch deez hands in remembrance of him.

“I would say that I am the type of person to avoid fights by any means necessary, but in that situation, I would fight any day,” said McDonald. “People know that they just can’t spit on African Americansespecially African-American females—and think that it’s OK.”

The video shows the negro rabbit dropping bows in a manner that surely made the man call on his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The bunny laid hands on the colonizer with a skill rarely witnessed in fights between fictional characters. I heard Santa Claus has nice his hands, but everyone knows St. Nick was a real street nigga who rolled with the Bloods until he gave his life to Christ(mas) and took that FedEx job in the North Pole. Of course, we all remember how light the Tooth Fairy was on her feet when she kicked Cupid’s ass back in the day. But he deserved it for stealing some of her cash to buy weed (that money was for the kids!)

Now, many are saying that they would love to see the Easter Bunny fight the St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun, even though Shaun the Leprechaun is reportedly in rehab for his substance abuse problems (liquor and Lucky Charms were his drugs of choice). But, until then, the Easter Rabbit will remain number one on the pound-for-pound fairy-tale ranking.


The fight ended when an Orlando police officer rapidly separated the rabid rabbit combatants. No one was arrested and the man was briefly incapacitated, but after three days, he is risen.

Many have noted that the Easter Bunny may have escaped punishment because he was white. Rabbits have faced unequal justice dating back to 1982 when a silly rabbit received a sentence of 25 years simply for eating Trix, which are reportedly for kids. In 2016, a police officer shot an unarmed rabbit of color in cold blood. The cops were eventually cleared of all charges when they claimed they mistook the Energizer Bunny’s drumsticks for a weapon.


“He refused to listen to our commands,” testified the police officer. “We told him to stop. But he just kept going and going and going ...”

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