Brown University to Spend $100,000,000 to Address Campus Diversity and Racism

Brown University President Christina Paxson unveiled a 19-page plan Nov. 20, 2015, to address campus diversity and racism.

Brown University unveiled a plan Friday to spend $100 million to address campus racism and diversity issues, the Providence Journal reports.

The Ivy League university’s president, Christina Paxson, is calling on students, faculty and staff to comment on the 19-page proposal, which Brown would implement over a 10-year period.


Titled “Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion,” the proposal outlines steps “for creating a just and inclusive campus community.” It also seeks to increase racial and ethnic diversity, as well as to add race, ethnicity and identity to the school curriculum.

Paxson thanked students of color for bringing these issues to her attention. A group of them urged school officials to address racism on campus, following a recent incident in which a campus security officer detained a Dartmouth University student who was at Brown for an annual Ivy League Latino students’ conference.

The officer reportedly tackled and slammed the student before putting him in handcuffs. Paxson apologized shortly after the incident.

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