Brother of Would-Be School Shooter Upset About Obama Call

Antoinette Tuff (ABC News screenshot)
Antoinette Tuff (ABC News screenshot)

Timothy Hill, the brother of Michael Brandon Hill, who was armed when he entered a Georgia school last week, says President Barack Obama should be more focused on preventing such incidents rather than calling to thank the bookkeeper at the school who thwarted a potential mass shooting, according to Clutch magazine. Antoinette Tuff has likely been thanked enough for her bravery, he said.

A week ago today, Michael Brandon Hill's attempted acts of terrorism on a Georgia elementary school were thwarted by Antoinette Tuff, the school's bookkeeper. Hill entered the school with 500 rounds and an AK-47 with the intent on leaving mass casualties, including himself. While on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, Tuff was able to diffuse the situation and talk Hill into dropping his weapons and turning himself in.

Timothy isn't pleased with attention President Obama has given Tuff. While sitting in the green room waiting for his segment, Timothy watched a clip of Anderson Cooper 360 and got agitated when he learned Tuff received a thank-you call from Obama. Piers Morgan decided to call him out on that and wanted to know what angered him. "I'm pretty sure she's been thanked by 100s and 100s of people," he said. I honestly did not see it necessary for President Obama to call her up when he could have been focusing more on what could be done to prevent things like this."


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