Brooklyn Man Arrested for Pointing Cellphone at Cops Like a Gun, Police Say

Police patrol car in New York City in 2015
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A Brooklyn, N.Y., man was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly threatening police officers … with his cellphone, Pix11 reports.

According to the report, Unique Johnson pulled his car up next to the rear passenger door of a police cruiser, with two uniformed officers in it, at a red light in Harlem around 9 p.m.


The officer behind the wheel saw the driver of the car with “arms extended before him, both hands clasped around an object that appeared to be a weapon, and was pointing it at the head of the cop closest to him in the police car’s front passenger seat,” the police said.

The civilian driver then made a gesture as if he were shooting before driving off.

“I absolutely thought we were dead,” the officer told the news station.

The officers pulled the car over, which contained Johnson and his six co-workers from an energy sales company. Johnson readily confessed that he had pointed his iPhone at the cops to show his colleagues how easy it would be to shoot a cop.


His ill-timed experiment—just a month after New York City detectives Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were fatally shot while sitting in their patrol car, raising tensions around the city—got him charges of menacing an officer, harassment, disorderly conduct and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle for driving with a suspended license, the news station notes.

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