Brianna ‘BB’ Hill Becomes the 20th Black Trans Woman Killed This Year

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Screenshot: KCTV

In what’s become far too common, another black trans woman has been killed.

KCTV reports that on Monday morning, Brianna “BB” Hill was gunned down in the Vineyard neighborhood of Kansas City, Mo. When police arrived at the scene, the alleged shooter was present, according to Police Capt. Tim Hernandez. Authorities believe there are no other suspects.


Hill’s murder marks at least the fourth transgender homicide in Kansas City this year and the 20th murder of a black trans woman to occur within the United States in 2019. At a time when transphobic hate crimes have become far too commonplace in Kansas City, her murder has rocked the local trans community.

“I’m actually part of the LGBTQ community, but I didn’t know that it was a transgender [person] that was murdered. But that actually hits more home to me,” George Cherry, who lives near where the shooting occurred, told KCTV. “That’s part of my family because we are out here, we are trying to survive and people take action against us, nationwide.”

Pink News notes that Hill was a model, former member of the House of Dior, and vlogger who regularly shared her day-to-day life.

The Kansas City Police Department confirmed that the alleged shooter remains in custody and an investigation is underway to determine a motive.

“They are human beings. Quit the violence,” Cherry said. “This shouldn’t be happening to the LGBTQ community, it hurts our families and our community.”

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As a Kansas City resident, this saddens me to no end. No one should endure these kinds of abuse and pain. People are people, and if you hurt or try to hurt another person you are a monster.